ERS Energy Sdn, Bhd. is a certified sustainable energy and water solutions provider, with specialisation in solar photovoltaic (PV), energy efficient lighting, extra-low-voltage solutions, and rainwater harvesting systems cater for industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential applications.


The company name that stands for ‘efficient, renewable, and sustainable energy’ signifies our pledge for a sustainable future through energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. ERS has been accredited by Institute for Sustainable Power Quality and Malaysia Green Technology Corporation (formerly known as Pusat Tenaga Malaysia – under the MBIPV Project), for the provision of solar PV systems. Since our establishment in 2009, we have further extended our commitment to water conservation through rainwater harvesting and are continuing our efforts in transforming the current high resource consumption society into a conscientious, resource-saving society.


In line with the company’s objective to become the most preferred green technology service provider in Malaysia, ERS Energy Sdn. Bhd. collaborates seamlessly with the eminent leaders of the industry to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Leveraging on the cutting-edge technology, knowledge, reliable and high quality products of our counterparts, we provide our clients the highest possible satisfaction and peace of mind for their investment. ERS Energy Sdn. Bhd. has been proudly appointed by Bosch as a Specialist Dealer for Malaysia

We provide services in :-

  • Solar Photovoltaic:
    • Grid-Connected PV Systems – residential, commercial, industrial
    • Off-Grid PV Systems – customised DC applications
    • Hybrid Off-Grid PV Systems – powering rural areas and communities
    • Solar Street Lights
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • EV Charging Station


ERS Energy abbreviates from “efficient, renewable and sustainable energy”, signifying the adoption of ERS Energy Sdn. Bhd. primary business focus. Efficient energy refers to the reduction of energy consumption through the use of energy saving electronic appliances that requires less electricity for the same capability and functionality as conventional electric appliances. On the other hand, renewable energy pertains to the generation of energy through natural resources such as sunlight, rain, wind, etc. It is often said that the combination of efficient and renewable energy is the foundation of a sustainable energy framework. In tandem with this, we strongly believe that with the implementation of efficient, renewable and sustainable energy solutions; we are able to address the dire issues concerning the rapid degradation of our environment while maintaining our high standard of living.