As most of you would be concerned, what are the maintenance required for a Solar Photovoltaic system especially at your home?


The beauty of a PV system is that is has ZERO moving parts, making it reliable and easy to maintain. No lubrication or extra machinery care is required. The solar PV modules are backed by our reputable manufacturers with a 10 year product warranty, and a 25 year performance warranty. We have reason to believe that our technology partners such as Panasonic and Bosch would honour their warranty obligations through the next 25 years.

As for the 5 years Inverter warranty, we have extendable warranty up to 25 years (at an extra cost imposed by the manufacturer), of which we can offer to you.

ers* has multiple maintenance packages to suit your needs and requirements. Scope of maintenance ranges from regular cleaning down to performance tests of your home solar PV system strings if you would like to have accurate data on its performance.

We offer

  • 2 years package servicing for a comprehensive coverage
  • Ad-hoc visits for service and diagnosis
  • All-risk insurance for your PV system

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