What are solar mounting and racks?

Learn about solar mounting and racks as part of our solar PV system DISCOVER SERIES. Read the first part of the DISCOVER SERIES about solar panels if you haven’t or our second post about solar inverters if you have not. Now back to solar mounting and racks.

  • Solar mounts and racking systems hold solar panels in place

  • There are different types of mounts to suit different profiles of roofs or systems

  • Usually made from lightweight but durable material

Introduction to solar mounting and racks

Solar mounting and racking systems are the structures a solar PV panel would be mounted unto. The core function of solar mounting / racking system is to allow solar panels to rest on a surface, be it ground or rooftop mounted, and hold it in place to receive the most sunlight throughout the years – allowing the solar panels to consistently generate solar electricity.

A quick basic guide on what are solar mounting & racks find out about solar panels and more 1

Solar mounting holding down racking and panel to the roof

Why are solar mounting & racking so important?

Without a proper solar mounting / racking system, your solar PV panels would be susceptible to vibrations caused by naturals elements, like wind, which may result in solar PV panels to become loose and cause undesired affects.

Solar mounting / racking systems are generally made of aluminum. It’s a strong, sturdy material, and does well against the weather. Top manufacturing companies which specialize in producing solar mounting / racking systems, have an array of options to pick from to cater to the different sizes of popular solar PV modules. Some solar PV module companies even manufacture their own.

A quick basic guide on what are solar mounting & racks find out about solar panels and more

The different types of solar mounting / racking systems

Solar mounting / racking systems are often seen with long rails (e.g. c-post, t-rail, etc), where the solar PV modules rests on. The solar PV modules are locked down to the railings with clamps. These railings can be extended to allow solar PV modules to be inclined to better receive sunlight. There are mounts specially designed for pitched roofs, ground mounted and flat roofs. Though as technology grows, we’re seeing more carport mounts and floating solar mounts too.

Solar racks are then retrofitted on rooftops (slated, flat concrete, metal deck, etc) with additional accessories to help hold the railings on the roof. If required, foundations are created,or ballasts are added to get sufficient weight to hold down the solar racking system.

A civil engineer working along with a solar PV system designer would determine with wind load and sun path in order to propose the best orientation and a correct solution for a solid solar mounting / racking system.

A quick basic guide on what are solar mounting & racks find out about solar panels and more

Ground-mounted solar mounting solutions

Solar mounting brands

Below is a list of brands which manufacture solar mounting solutions. Picking one of these would generally be a safe bet.

  • Schletter

  • Clenergy


With that, we conclude this part of the DISCOVER SERIES on solar mounting / racking systems. Don’t forget to ask for workmanship warranty if you’re having a solar PV installed. It would be advisable to get an extended warranty or a coverage plan if possible for your solar PV system– it’s worth it. Until next time and thank you for reading!

The views expressed by the author, Michael Leong, are of the author’s own and do not represent the opinions of any entity with which he have been, am now, or will be affiliated.

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