ers* provides an end to end solution for our clients in the Feed-in Tariff program. We will assist from the beginning of the engineering and design, to the SEDA & FiT applications, through the legalities of a Renewable Energy Power Purchasing Agreement with Tenaga Nasional Berhad. We are able to provide sound advice and consultancy through our extensive experience on how to best achieve maximised returns from the Feed-in Tariff program.

For Feed-in Tariff applications under Individual category, we are able to provide financing options for individuals to assist in the complete deployment of Solar PV technology at your home. We have financing packages for PV systems up to RM100,000 over a tenure of 5 years.

With our highly reliable PV system and relentless after sales service and support, you can trust that we would endeavor to deliver you the best in solar PV and Feed in Tariff Malaysia.

Further information can be downloaded at our website in the Downloads section, where the SEDA FiT Brochure is available.

To check the available quota of Feed-in Tariff available as of this moment, kindly follow the link to SEDA.

If you would like to get in touch with us for an obligation free quote for a solar PV system coupled with Feed-in Tariff, do drop us a note at our Contact Page.