ers* supplies and installs Renewable Energy (RE) generation systems using solar photovoltaics (PV). They are categorically split between Grid-Connected PV systems or Standalone Off-Grid Hybrid PV systems, with the former grid connected to the local electricity provider. Off-grid PV systems are customisable to tailor each individual application and requirements. The Malaysian Government has been pro-active in encouraging installation of RE systems through several financial incentives provided for system owners, and regulatory bodies are in place to facilitate good code of conduct and standards for RE systems.

ers* provides solutions and services for engineering solar PV systems. We have exported our services to neighbouring countries in Indonesia and Vietnam, whilst working with partners in Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar.

Engineering design, Procurement and Construction of solar PV Systems for Building Integrated Systems or for large scale brown-land deployment has been our forte.

Kindly browse further by clicking the links below for a more detailed explanation of the solar PV system and it’s sub-components in our drop down menu, and also a visit to our Project Reference page for some of our fine examples.

The Solar PV System can be categorised into 3 sections

i. Grid-Connected PV System (Feed-in Tariff)

ii. Off-Grid PV System

iii. Hybrid PV System



Sunny Tripower – For Grid Connection, Feed-In Tariff

The three-phase inverter for your home.

The Sunny Tripower is setting new standards for your home systems. It features an asymmetric multi-string and Optiflex technology to ensure the highest in flexibility while combining peak efficiency with the OptiTrac Global Peak system to generate highest in yields. In addition to communication via the external Bluetooth-antenna, the PV plant comes with a direct Sunny Portal connection via SMA Webconnect as standard – and now for the first time without data loggers.

For technical data, please click here.

Sunny Fuel Save – Save Diesel and Operation Cost!

Island electrification with solar diesel hybrid systems based on the awarded SMA Fuel Save Solution.

Making fossil-fueled energy systems futureproof: Our system solution enables a smart integration of photovoltaics into diesel powered systems in industrial applications with and without grid infrastructure. High fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions are being achieved while a maximum system stability is guaranteed. Economically viable, ecological sensitive and adjustable according to your energy demands.

Sunny Island – Rural Electrification – We Can Bring Electricity To Kampung!

Energy supply in remote locations using SMA Sunny Island, a truly comprehensive package for a worry-free, reliable and self-sufficient electricity supply!

SMA Smart Home – Home Energy Management

Interview with Andreas Umland, Director Strategic Product Management, about SMA Smart Home at the Intersolar Europe 2012.

SMA Micro-Inverter

The ideal inverter for a flexible, modular PV system: The Sunny Boy 240, in combination with the Sunny Multigate, is the perfect, easy-to-install solution for various applications such as differently arranged substrings and systems with regularly shaded modules.